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Embroidery pricing

Embroidery digitizing
3005000 rub., depending on complexity
Embroidery (price per 1000 stitches)
110 pcs. 1130 pcs. 31100 pcs. 101500 pcs. 5011000 pcs. > 1001 pcs.
On cloth and cut. neg. 10 rub. 7 rub. 5.30 rub. 4.30 rub. 4 rub.
On products. neg. 12 rub. 7.50 rub. 6 rub. 5.50 rub. 4 rub.
Patches. neg. 11 rub. 6.50 rub. 5.20 rub. 4.50 rub. 4 rub.
On caps. neg. 11 rub. 7 rub. 6.50 rub. 5 rub. 5 rub.
Custom embroidery options
Thermal film patches
45 rub.
Attachment patchs on badges individual
Attachment patchs on keyrings
Metallic threads (gold, silver and others)
30% to the cost.
Glow-in-the-dark threads embroidery
3D puff embroidery
35% to the cost.
Sequin embroidery
Rhinestone decor
Charges for rush embroidery service (in 24 hours)
100% to the cost.
Charges for rush embroidery service (in 1-3 days)
30-60% to the cost.
The complete list of embroidery options
Sewing services
Sewing patches (depends on complexity) 50 rub.300 rub.
Sewing velcro from the other side of chevrons 55 rub.
Sewing decorative elements individual
Upholstery the peak of a cap individual
Clothing repair individual
Stamping on leather
Cliche production from 3000 rub.
Stamping by ready cliche
Leather repair individual
Leather keyrings
from 300 rub.
Tailoring services
Tailoring of sports form
from 3000 rub. per set
Tailoring of hoodies and sweatshirts from 30 pcs.
Tailoring of T-shirts/polo/shirts from 30 pcs.
Sewing products (mats, pillows, flags, pouffe and others) individual
Courier to Moscow 500 rub.
ar delivery
from 700 rub.
Shipping by freight transport
from 1000 rub.
Worldwide shipping by Russian Post
from 300 rub.
Worldwide shipping by transport company
company prices

The prices are averages. The complexity and amount of work affects value. Embroidery with small count of stitches can be calculated with a margin price.

The minimum order value - 3000 rub., costs include embroidery digitizing by your design, re-manufacturing from 1000 rub.

Embroidery with one-off is calculated individually. Contact us for calculating.

Indivisible public offer

Arrangements and detailed information

For calculating the exact cost of embroidery, send us your deisgn with indication of size and number of copies. After that we digitize your design, it costs 3005000 rub., depends on complexity and detailing. High quality pictures may cost more. Then we embroider sample at our expense, and after the approved by you will embroider all circulation. The more quantity - the lower the prices.

Way we work
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Special offers
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